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Healing the Subconscious Counselling and Regression Therapy in Hailsham

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Regression Therapist.

Based in Hailsham East Sussex, near Eastbourne.

Taking you to the root cause

Sometimes it may feel like you have no control of your thoughts, feelings or actions. For all the challenges that we face today, there is a root cause behind it. Becoming aware of the root cause is central to resolving our issues. Rather than focus on the symptoms manifesting on the surface, my aim is to take you to the root cause of the presenting issue.

As you become aware of the root cause, you will also see that you do have a choice: Not only to let go of that experience but also to create a new one.

My approach

My approach to therapy takes an expansive and all encompassing view on all aspects of the human existence, from your simplest needs and struggles to achieving your true potential.

Combining hypnotherapy, regression therapy, counselling and healing, at my Hailsham practice in East Sussex near Eastbourne, this journey invites you to look deeper within, to reconnect with the part of you that knows what is right for you, to self-heal and to gain greater control of your life.

The therapies that I offer include current and past life regression, hypnotherapy, inner child healing, energy clearing, soul retrieval and counselling.

As a counsellor and regression therapist, I work intuitively with no judgements or assumptions. You set the agenda and the pace and we will work to reach the best possible resolution.

what to expect

Being able to share your concerns and express your true thoughts and feelings in a space where you will be valued and accepted unconditionally can be hugely healing.

Some thoughts, feelings or even memories may not be accessible to the conscious awareness. In that case, hypnotic regression is a safe and effective way to access and heal the hidden or the forgotten, which nevertheless impact the present.

Once in trance, you may be able to describe to your therapist what you are seeing, hearing, feeling or experiencing at all times. In essence, a regression session is more of a vivid embodied experience as you re-experience certain moments.

The key difference is that this time you have the choice and resources to process those experiences in a manner which is congruent with your values and beliefs to set yourself free.

Positive changes you can expect

In therapy, you may in the first instance expect relief from emotional and psychological distress. For things that cannot be changed, a greater acceptance and resilience in the face of life changes develops.

Wounds of the past affecting the present are exposed and healed. Blocks which were keeping you stuck are cleared, providing you with new and more choices.

The healing journey may unfold in layers. With each layer that is stripped, a new sense of identity and purpose may emerge with a unified sense of well-being and wholeness.

The journey of growth and development not only brings healing and transformation but also the growing awareness of your own innate ability to self-heal. And the realisation that the source of self-healing is not external but within you.


A regression therapy, hypnotherapy and counselling practice, located in Hailsham East Sussex within easy reach of Eastbourne, Bexhill, Hastings, Lewes, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells.

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